Life Is Not A Game But The Game Is Life

People who don’t game act like gamers are not allowed to bring The Game into the real world. So let’s not bring the “real world” into The Game. Whatever that means to you.

The Game is where we go to leave the mind-games of the “real world”. That “boss” in the real world is easier to confront when we’re used to dealing with the Final Boss of The Game, and gamers defeat the Final Boss with buttons and clicks.

I may no longer be a “gamer” anymore, but The Game has become me. “I Am Game Incarnate.” My mind has always been in the clouds, so much that all the countless hours I spent gaming, I was in the code. Always trying to figure out how it worked from the inside out.

To the point where playing The Game wasn’t fun anymore. I’ve heard people who work in film and TV can’t really watch other productions, because they can see behind the curtains. And I can see behind the smoke and mirrors when they’re made out of code.

So now, my “favorite game”, the game I’m utterly obsessed with, is making games. And in order to defeat the Final Boss, I have to code a massive evil threat myself. But I guess if you want something wrong done right…

And by The Game I’m not referring to The Game, which is something I had no idea about until I Googled the title of this post. I appreciate the silliness of that concept, but think about that “game” like a non-gamer does about games: “If the average person hasn’t heard of it, it must not be that good.”

I’m almost still surprised that I got back into this, but that’s the main reason to say something as ridiculous as “I am The Game”. It’s always been a part of me and apparently always will. When they say “put away childish things” they don’t mean entirely. I stopped playing games but making them is a job, playing them is for recreation and for children. Beta testers don’t have that much fun.

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