You Could Buy Me A Ko.Fi, But I Don’t Drink Coffee

Or in my case, call it a ‘micro-transaction’. And I know what you’re probably feeling, but the word itself has nothing wrong with it, just like ‘money’ likewise doesn’t mean ‘greed’.

And Indie developers are justified in using micro-transactions. I think. Unfortunately it’s become acceptable in any game, and as with anything involving easy money, it’s naturally causing problems.

But I love this idea of Ko.Fi. Even though in a way it’s kinda silly, it makes perfect sense. It’s literally just a $3 PayPal donation, but rather than thinking of it in terms of numerical donations, this turn it into something concrete.

If you’re thinking numbers, any number is possible, but it’s hard to know what number feels right. The idea of buying someone a coffee or two turns it into something relatable. Normally you wouldn’t donate 6 or 9 dollars, I mean why not round to 5 or 10? Buying someone a couple coffees changes the way you think about it. Money is too abstract, and if anything, that’s what makes it ‘evil’.

I feel the best way to move forward with my game engine is to blog about it, and write articles on how to do basic aspects that are universal to games. It’s helping me unit test the core of the JEOZ Engine. While I’m at it, I can help other Indie developers improve their games, and show the internals of the engine so everyone knows what they’re supporting.

The JEOZ Engine won’t be ready to be open-source for a little while, but until then I’d like to help other Indie devs improve their own games, and help people get started. Plus I could use feedback on what I’m doing so far, and what features JEOZ needs to have.

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