Support JEOZ: Promote Or Donate

I don’t know if I want to charge for my games, and if I do, it won’t be much. I would be happier if everyone could just play them. And I would rather focus my energies on providing a solid bare-bones game engine, and writing up tutorials and articles, rather than making a perfectly polished product to publish on stores. I feel I’d be better at handling the responsibility towards other game developers than end-users.

And I don’t want to resort to advertisements. After all, I don’t watch the bloody things. There’s nothing wrong with using them, but for me personally, I feel that I shouldn’t profit off of making others deal with them. It will mean so much more to me if someone chooses spend 5-20 bucks to support my work. I don’t want people to think they don’t need to bother simply because advertising is covering it.

What I really want is the emotional investment from deliberately supporting someone. The number of supporters is far more valuable than the money itself. In exchange for support from the gaming community, I will owe something to the community as a whole.

So whatever you feel like contributing, anything between a 3 dollar micro-transaction to the price of AAA title. At the most, whatever you’d pay for a “deluxe edition”. Of course I’ll reward anyone who goes crazy over this project. But I don’t want to deal with large investments from any one person or any company. The way I see it, taking money for a service is a huge responsibility. I also look at money as if it’s heroin, and I don’t mean the Lara Croft kind.

Anyway, I’m not setting anything in stone, maybe it’s foolish and naive to go this route. But after a lot of thought, this is the way I feel about it. Eventually the JEOZ Engine will be open-source, and I will be “selling” it to the public via PayPal, Patreon, and with an Amazon Wish List.

The Artist that I’m working with on The Big Game has far more reasons to run a KickStarter, and The Big Game will propel his project to it’s rightful destination.

I hope to reveal his series of children’s books soon, perhaps on Christmas, if not, somewhere around New Years. Perhaps I’ll have a video of The Big Game, but I’m curious to see what ideas others might come up with if my version of his world didn’t exist.

Click Here to Donate to The Open JEOZ Fund via PayPal

If you already want to help support The OpenJEOZ Project, click the link to donate. Otherwise, you can help out by promoting the project somehow.

At the very least, follow me on FaceBook and Twitter @mynameisjeo.

Then join the JEOZ Forums, it’s effortless if you’ve got accounts on any major social network. You can sign in to make an account in no time, even if you don’t plan on using it. I don’t know how far the Forum will go, but it’s so effortless to make one these days, there’s no reason not to, and we’ll see what happens.

So, promote or donate! As of now (December 2017) I’m just getting started on going public with this project, so promotion is extremely valuable to me at the moment.