Learn To Code!

And I mean that in a positive way, that’s what this site is here for. I see a lot of indie game developers who almost can’t stand coding, and I understand that completely. Like many human relationships, my relationship with coding gradually became unstable for a while. We basically “broke up” for years and finally got back together.

It takes a lot of time to understand a system, and then a whole lot of mistakes to really get it. Learning an instrument is a good analogy for learning anything, especially coding. You don’t get good at anything without making mistakes and failing forward. And your first game will almost never be anything more than an experiment. But that’s part of the focus of the JEOZ Engine, being able to experiment with your first attempts at game development.

So I also kinda mean this as a command: learn to code. The more coding experience you have the better. Of course you don’t need to know enough to build your own engine. But I started making my own game engine back when there were almost no options. I would never start one today unless I had all this experience and understanding behind me. Especially if my goal was a game design that’s any bigger or more complex than a Nintendo 64 game.

That’s why I’m designing JEOZ to be more than enough for the games I’m trying to make, and therefore a starting point for others to begin learning from. Maybe I’m not doing everything absolutely perfect. But if anything, by studying someone else’s work you can find your own solution faster.

As I add more to this site, the links on the sidebar will change, so here’s where to begin.